27 February, 2021

Rename Media Files by Date in Batch

Rename images with IrfanView to Date

IrfanView can do version and renaming in batches. Here we look only for renaming.

  • Open the Batch conversion dialog
  • Select Batch rename
  • Set the Name pattern field
    • $E36867(%Y-%m-%d %H-%M) Shanghai # - this uses the EXIF date taken field
    • $T(%Y-%m-%d %H-%M) Shanghai # - this uses the date field
    • $N - this uses the orignal filename
      • Open Options to configure to replace-parts of that name
  • Select the files and Add input files
  • Sort files by Date, Date taken or Name (natural)
  • Run test rename
  • Start Batch to do the real thing

Rename Videos with exiftool

If the exiftool.exe is not installed, get it at https://exiftool.org/

.\exiftool.exe -r "-FileName<CreateDate" -d "%Y-%m-%d %H-%M Shanghai.%%e" -all:all D:\Phyrum\0

Leave out the path .\ if the PATH env is set.

Own JavaScript for Rename

Some media files don't have the date as meta-data but in the filename.


  • pt2020_03_10_14_10_38.jpg
  • Screenshot_20210210_135653.jpg
  • VID_20200621_132859.mp4
  • MTXX_20180808191538.png
  • meipai_20190213160600.jpg
  • IMG_20180613_201302_mh1528918889788.jpg
  • mmexport1393671822339.jpg

Use the JavaScript script in Tests/Rename

Call node main.js Y:\Phyrum\0 or node main.js Y:\Phyrum\0 -t for test.