My name is Phyrum Tea, this is my personal website. I'm a Software Developer so I will likely post something about programming. Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions or questions.

Contact email:

You can find more about me on Bing and Google.

My first contact with a computer was friend's game console, an Atari and a Commodore 64, where we played games on it. Later I got a Commodore 64 myself and came to type some Basic to let it run.

At ETHZ I learned about the Internet and started to write some HTML pages around 1996. I kept doing it since. I'm fascinated how far the Internet/the Web has progressed.

I do like to create Software with C#, JavaScript, TypeScript and Kotlin. I recently started to learn C++, which was the first programming language I learned in the nineties.

This site is made with NuxtJS. It is run with Apache, Node.js and ASP.NET Core.

Work in Progress

  • Add feed.xml for blog and notes.
    • Add contents to entries