Welcome to my homepage

My name is Phyrum Tea.

This page doesn't contain much content at the moment, I will add more over time.

This server runs on a Raspberry PI B+, I'm using vi and Visual Studio Code to edit this page.

I replaced the Rasberry PI which is running this website since may 2015. The websites now run on SSL. The Joomla site Phyrum Tea should be much faster now.

This is my commuter bike. I like riding on a bike to get to work. Since 02.08.2013 I travelled about 12'192km on it, today it's the 02.05.2016.

The Specialized Source Eleven doesn't have a chain. With the Gates belt drive, my pant's don't get dirty and I don't have to adjust, clean, oil it yet for about three years and over 12'000km.

Available at Google Play - Wise Cards - Flahscards

What is Polymer? I don't know, I have heard about it last year on a YouTube channel.

I will try it out now.

Go to the Polymer project homepage. Find some getting started or tutorial.

Requirements: node.js, bower

Get and install Node.js

Install bower npm install -g bower

I have both installed

Create a project folder:

mkdir stopwatch
cd stopwatch

Install and update Polymer:

bower install --save Polymer/polymer
bower update

Great, I get Polyfills. What is Polyfills?

Should I follow "Quick Tour of Polymer" or "Developer Guide" next? Choose Tour or Guide? Or both tour guide?

The first Proto-Element: from the guide.




Polymer Starter Kit

Download the Polymer Starter Kit. I downloaded the 'full' version because I don't want to miss something and don't know it.

The starter kit is only a zip file containing typically used files to create a web app using polymer, I guess.

Skip the following python part of the starter kit , it's only wasting your time. Continue with Polymer Starter Kit Set up.

Run it with python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080. I have python installed, it's starting and serving HTTP on port 8080.

On the first access, it's hanging, maybe a glitch on windows.

Opening http://localhost:8080/ shows only directory listing.

Install gulp npm install -g gulp

Install and update dependencies:

npm install
bower install

Calling gulp Error: Cannot find module 'vinyl'

I don't know why gulp 'vinyl' is missing.

Re-Install gulp npm install -g gulp

Build and run:

gulp serve

A page in Material Design opens up with navigation bar on the left and some cards as main content. Nice, but I'm not a fan of the cards design.


Register an account at Firebase

Install npm install -g firebase-tools

Install and update dependencies:

firebase login
firebase init -p dist -f phyrum

Firebase tools init has a bug in Windows. I cannot choose the app. Ab bug in Firebase Tools

Workaround firebase init -f phyrum

Deploy the app with firebase deploy and open the page https://phyrum.firebaseapp.com/