Welcome to my homepage

My name is Phyrum Tea.

This page doesn't contain much content at the moment, I will add more over time.

This server runs on a Raspberry PI B+, I'm using vi and Visual Studio Code to edit this page.

This is my commuter bike. I like riding on a bike to get to work. Since 02.08.2013 I travelled about 12'192km on it, today it's the 02.05.2016.

The Specialized Source Eleven doesn't have a chain. With the Gates belt drive, my pant's don't get dirty and I don't have to adjust, clean, oil it yet for about three years and over 12'000km.

Available at Google Play - Wise Cards - Flahscards

What is Polymer? I don't know, I have heard about it last year on a YouTube channel.

I will try it out now.

Go to the Polymer project homepage. Find some getting started or tutorial.

Requirements: node.js, bower

Get and install Node.js

Install bower npm install -g bower

I have both installed

Create a project folder:

mkdir stopwatch
cd stopwatch

Install and update Polymer:

bower install --save Polymer/polymer
bower update

Great, I get Polyfills. What is Polyfills?

Should I follow "Quick Tour of Polymer" or "Developer Guide" next? Choose Tour or Guide? Or both tour guide?

The first Proto-Element: from the guide.




Polymer Starter Kit

Download the Polymer Starter Kit. I downloaded the 'full' version because I don't want to miss something and don't know it.

The starter kit is only a zip file containing typically used files to create a web app using polymer, I guess.

Skip the following python part of the starter kit , it's only wasting your time. Continue with Polymer Starter Kit Set up.

Run it with python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080. I have python installed, it's starting and serving HTTP on port 8080.

On the first access, it's hanging, maybe a glitch on windows.

Opening http://localhost:8080/ shows only directory listing.

Install gulp npm install -g gulp

Install and update dependencies:

npm install
bower install

Calling gulp Error: Cannot find module 'vinyl'

I don't know why gulp 'vinyl' is missing.

Re-Install gulp npm install -g gulp

Build and run:

gulp serve

A page in Material Design opens up with navigation bar on the left and some cards as main content. Nice, but I'm not a fan of the cards design.


Register an account at Firebase

Install npm install -g firebase-tools

Install and update dependencies:

firebase login
firebase init -p dist -f phyrum

Firebase tools init has a bug in Windows. I cannot choose the app. Ab bug in Firebase Tools

Workaround firebase init -f phyrum

Deploy the app with firebase deploy and open the page https://phyrum.firebaseapp.com/